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Lucid Dreams 


Miles Cantelou


Inara Pey

As an admirer of Miles' work and for those familiar with Miles’work will know that his pieces tend to be boldly stated and processed, resulting in a very unique look and feel to the extent that Lucid Dreams is very much an apt title: observing his work is very much akin to entering – or recalling – a dream; one lucid enough for us to give it shape and form, yet elusive enough to encourage us to look deeper and harder, to understand what we are seemingly being told.

Within the fourteen pieces displayed at DIXmiX is ample demonstration of Miles’ ability to compose not only an image but an entire story within a frame, his use of colour, monochrome and layered effects each becoming a singular voice within each tale displayed.

Quite where these stories might take us is a further beauty held within Miles’ art; boldly textured, they often offer us a glimpse of a place we’ve visited or be focused on something we’re familiar with, thus our thoughts are prodded in one direction, but at the same time, we are pulled in another as well take in the complete image, not only its look but its feel as well. Thus again, as with a sense of conscious dreaming, we see not necessarily what is there, but what is suggested by the artist’s touch and words.

Lucid Dreams is an excellent exhibition by a master visual storyteller and will remain open until the end of January 2017.

Inara Pey

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Some insight on miles 

Job roles: Lecturer at College of Art and Design, fashion photography, freelance, press and commercial photography, album covers for EMI, Medias: Press, including both commercial and advertising campaigns. | Now based in Bradford on Avon where Miles runs his Gallery and Studio..

Born in London, worked globally in Holland, Belgium, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Alicante, Spain. 

Passion for surreal imagery.

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